Can’t afford to fix up my house – What can I do?

Can’t afford to fix up my house - What can I do?

Sometimes life gets hectic. Kids need to go to practice, working long hours just to make the bills, debts weighing on your shoulders, all to see that your house is starting to fall apart and needs repairs that you can’t afford.  

This can lead to making some major decisions for you and your household. Should you sell your home as-is? Should you get a second job to fix things up? Should you refinance and hope for a lower payment? Does it make sense to put in any effort to sell your house?

Here are some ideas that you can use to help get your house’s value up or spruce up the life of your home for the near future until you get into a good financial situation.

1. A Paint Job Can Change the Whole Vibe of Your Home

Painting your house can drastically increase the value of your home for a cheap price. You can get a 5-gallon bucket of paint for under $50. This can help with your sell-ability of your home. By doing this, even if you aren’t looking to sell, your home will be more vibrant and dated.

This update can be done to walls, ceiling or cabinets. Nothing calls your house updated like a new paint job, and it's the most cost-effective improvement.

2. New Knobs and Handles Can Open New Options

Everything has a lifetime when it was in-style and when it has aged. Knobs are no different. With your newly painted cabinets, getting new knobs and handles will really update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Adding quick value can benefit your ability to sell your home quickly. If you cannot afford to make the major renovations right now.

3. Prioritize the Most Important Valuables, then Sell the Rest

If you need a little extra cash, items you have around the house still have value. The old golf clubs in the garage that haven’t seen the green in over ten years, the skis that are missing the slopes every winter, the bike that never gets pedaled; these items all have some value. Find a local classifieds site and sell them to make a small profit to get these renovations.

Getting rid of unused items can help clear up the mess in the house and help your house to be able to sell even faster than expected. It not only opens up the spaces, but helps clear out things that are going to be a pain to move when the house sells.

4. Find the Stink, Remove the Stink

Often old smells are stuck in parts of your house, whether it is hidden in the carpet or the cabinets. Go throughout your house and trace the smell down. If you can find the smell, you need to remove it. If it is in the carpet in a room, remove that carpet and pad. If the board underneath is good, go to the classifieds section or the local discount carpet store and buy the cheapest carpet you can find. If it is in a small room, you can get this new flooring usually under $200 installed. By getting a new smell in your home, or just removing the old, you will see that your home can sell even quicker than anticipated.

5. Updating Fixtures, Fixes Eye Soars

Outdated fixates can really show the age of the house, and not in a good way. For example, a bathroom sink faucet, towel rack, and toilet paper holder will update a full bathroom for sometimes under $50. This can ideally help boost the whole vibe of the room.

Also, switching out light switches and wall fixtures can make your home look brand new. This costs, at most, $5 a switch, but can be bought in bundles for under $1 a switch. This is a bargain shopper’s dream for updating their house.

6. Re-caulk Everywhere

New caulk can do wonders to the old seems. Caulk doesn’t last forever, and old caulk begins to ball up and leave a mess if not cleans properly. Thus, by adding new caulk those old seams look brand new. You can see the difference immediately and will only have to spend under $10 dollars for a few caulk tubes and a caulk gun.

Making the seams look new does wonders and helps with selling your home quickly. If you are wanting to test the market yourself, new caulk will give a fresh look for your home and will cost next to nothing for this small improvement.

7. Sell the House to Us

If these things don’t work out above or if it is just too much to handle, we are here to help take that house off your hands. We can buy the house within 7 days and get the cash right into your hands. It is almost as easy as ordering a pizza. We want to put you in the best position that we can. Our goal is to partner with you on getting the best offer for both of us as a team effort.

We help you sell your home fast and worry free! We do the paperwork, we do the inspections, we pay all the closing fees. All you need to worry about is when you want to sell the home. You can sell the home quickly without a hassle.

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